Hello My Beautiful Future Bride:
Could you be my future wife?
I think you are wonderful!
I was excited when I saw your photo on this dating website! My Beautiful Future ukraine BrideMy name is Michael!
When you are done reading all of this, I really want to know if you are interested in marrying a man like me!!
Tell me more about yourself.
Yes, I know you are young, but that's why I am interested in you.
I am looking for a nice younger lady like yourself who is truly looking for a husband.
I am very serious about meeting and getting married to a wonderful lady like you!
The question is, could you and would you be happy with a man like me?!
I am 45 years old
(I hope you don't think I'm too old for you!), 177 cm tall, weigh 75 kg, have blue eyes, blonde hair, athletic and successful attorney.
I have my own law firm.
I do mostly business related law.
I have two little girls (ages 8 and 10), and would like to have more kids with a beauty like you!
I'm looking for someone new, someone who is much younger than me and would appreciate and welcome my lavishing them with love and affection.
I know it must be difficult for you to try to speak or write in English and I also know that computer access in your country is not like it is in the USA.
Let's get right down to the point:
I don't care what you do for a living, just as long as you are intelligent, loving, sexual (with ME ONLY!), generous, warm, fun-loving, faithful and want to have kids with me and be with a guy like me !!
Also, as long as you can willingly accept and love my two little girls, then we could be off to a great start!!
I'm a very confident, ambitious, positive type of person.
I am very passionate, adventurous and I have a great zeal for life.
I have an insatiable appetite for everything in life!
Especially the company of a good-looking, quality lady of substance like yourself.
I want you to be independent and do things for yourself and our future children and to enjoy your life and be fulfilled, but to put me and our children first.
I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) and also travel around the USA as a consultant to other lawyers.
I love to travel, dine out, see a movie or go out for a drive in the car.
I play hockey in the winter with some of my friends from college and high school, and when I can make time, I like to lift weights, run a little bit and get a good work-out.
I love to travel as I said, and would love to take you to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) with me.
It is our entertainment capital and one of the most exciting places to visit probably in the world!
It is also a great place to get married!
Are you interested in marriage to me and becoming an American wife?
Can you adjust and be happy here in the USA away from your existing friends and family?
If you are truly serious about finding a husband, then I would like to meet you as soon as possible.
I hope you feel like I do that if we love each other at first sight like I know we will, we should think about getting married right away!!
I don't believe in extended courtships.
I am serious about finding a new wife, someone you!!
Why wait?
At this stage in my life, with what I have seen professionally and personally with marriages, I don't think there is any more risk and getting married quickly than there is by waiting to get acquainted for several weeks or months. So, please let me know how you feel.
Also, do you have a telephone number you can give me so I may talk to you?
You can call me also if you would like.
Take a chance, meet me and let's run away together!!
I'll take great care of you and our future children.
Why don't we meet, fall in love, make passionate love, get married, and live happily ever after!
Well, what do you say?!
If you are with me, you will never be lonely, I can guarantee that.
We could have a very nice life together my dear.
Here is your chance.
I am serious!!
So, are we going to meet, fall in love, get you pregnant and start our family?
Let me know....Love,....Michael.
E-Mail me, please. Once you write letter me, I can E-Mail you back a photo of me!!
Please send me a photo of yourself, okay?!
My postal address is: Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA) 55113

Hello, my dear Chuck !
Thank you for your tender, kind warm and
charming letters! Olya and I are always full of joy when we get your messages. Even though it's cold and windy outside, our dear man's warmth doesn't let us feel cold.
Dear Chuck, I hope you're doing very well. We are always with you and if you feel bad, I will feel even worse. Chuck, thank you very much for your concern and attention you pay to Olya. My hearty thanks for your flowers, they are just wonderful! They are as marvelous as your kind heart. Olya liked the bear very much, she gave him a name. Dear Chuck, it was very nice to read your words addressing Olya as your own child. Olay asked me to write to you that she called you Father, she says she loves you and gives you her kiss.
My dear Chuck, it's hard to express my joy when I read your words ,"Yours and only yours!" Olya and I won't give you to anyone else. We'll meet and fall in love, we'll be the happiest couple in the world. I am very worried, anxious, excited. I don't sleep at night, I am constantly thinking of you, my love. My heart has finally been awoken and it now feels love. Olya and I are looking forward to Sunday when we talk to you on the phone, hear your tender voice. Olya is also eager to tell you some affectionate words. We always think of you, my dear, with all our love to our future husband and father.
Dear Chuck, I am very glad you're doing well. Don't worry about your flight, everything will be excellent. God and Jesus are guarding you!
Chuck, dear, we also love you and give you our warmth, care and support. They will always keep you safe. I always think of you.
Thank you for your help in studying English! I will do my best to be a nice student. Thank you very much, Chuck.
Chuck, I would be glad to spend time with you in April, too. It's nice that you may consult a lawyer.
Chuck, I've got a question to ask you. What are your parents' names? Do you have any siblings? What do your relatives think of your girl in Ukraine?
Olya and I are doing well, don't worry. We love you, look forward to meeting you, welcome to our green cozy city!
With love,
Alyona & Olya
   from Ukraine

Hello Ukrainian brides,
  I almost feel as if this letter is in a way, a personal add that hopefully will spark a bit of interest and will encourage you to respond.  First, allow me to introduce myself and tell you a few things about me.  My name is Aaron.  I live and work in the Washington, D.C. area.  I work for a company called Science Applications International Corporation.  I'm a single white male of Irish and Lithuanian decent.  I've been called "handsome" quite a bit in my life and I have yet to decide whether that is a good or a bad thing.  I'm 35 years old with reddish-brown hair and green eyes.  I'm 5'9" tall with a good frame.  I'm financially and emotionally secure in my life and I've got a great sense of humor.  I do not have any bad habits.

  I'm originally from Ohio and spent 6 years in the US Navy.  I have been stationed in Pensacola, Florida - Rota, Spain - and my final tour was in Washington, D.C at the Defense Intelligence Agency.  I'm a graduate of the University of Maryland and my career field is Business Management.  While I was in the Navy, my job was as a Special Security Agent.  I have had the opportunity to do many exciting things.  Our job was to enter highly classified and "well-protected" areas of government concern with the purpose of breaching the respective agency's security practices.  We've done things like taking weapons, drugs, and stolen goods past airport security and classified agencies to see how far "inside" we were able to get before being questioned.  Once caught, we'd be arrested and/or detained.  Once that happened, we would acknowledge ourselves and work closely with that agency or military airline to facilitate and better enhance their security practices so that a real terrorist or criminal would not be able to do all of the things that we were able to perform.  The best part about all of this was the fact that we very rarely wore our uniform, were permitted to grow facial hair and do whatever it took to "disguise" ourselves for specific jobs.  I've had the fortunate opportunity to travel to many different countries and cities throughout Europe.  I did this job for 2 years.

  My next 4 years in the Navy were spent in the Intelligence Community.  I spent a significant amount of time studying Counter-terrorism and Counter-Intelligence.  I worked primarily on the Balkan Intelligence Task Force and spent a couple of years at the Pentagon.  After leaving the Navy, I joined a company called Keane Federal Systems.  I primarily was responsible for Department Of Defense Intelligence Systems' Y2K Readiness.  I couldn't stand the company or the job so I moved on to work for SAIC after just a few months with Keane.  With SAIC, I ended up right back in the Pentagon as the Senior Intelligence Officer for Y2K.  This is where I became a "technical" type of person.  It was interesting work that lasted extremely long hours but it was definitely rewarding and a good life experience.  I got to meet several congressman and senators as well as some very senior military personnel.  I worked closely with the Secretary of Defense to ensure that all national intelligence systems could perform their critical functions in a Year 2000 environment.  I am currently the Senior Information Officer for the Science and Intelligence Technology Solutions Division of SAIC.  We deal strictly with government/classified systems.  Doesn't really sound exciting does it?  I work some extremely long hours which (I believe) is probably the main reason why I'm still single.  Well, it pays extremely well so I can't really complain.  On this contract, we are tasked with developing a network that all of the Intelligence community (CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Theatre Commands, American Embassy's, and others) will be able to communicate with.  Currently, there are several different Intelligence applications which makes it very difficult for all of these agencies and commands to talk to one another via a classified and secure network.

 Ok, I'm probably boring you to death with my job but I thought that it would be a good start to tell you what I do for a living and give you a little history on me.  I grew up in Ohio.  I have an older sister and a younger brother.  My sister is married and has a 2 year old son.  My brother is not married but has been with his girlfriend for about 4 years now and they have a baby girl who just turned a year old in April.  They are getting married in August of this year.  Both my brother and sister live in Ohio.  My mother lives in Illinois with a man that she married about 6 years ago.  My biological father died of Leukemia when I was only 4yrs old.  With the exception of my mother, I am the only person in my immediate family to graduate from college.  My family would probably be considered middle-class and is not rich by any stretch of the imagination.  As a matter of fact, I think that I probably make more per year than my brother and sister combined.  But that does not matter to any of us.  I have a close family and we do our best to visit one another and stay in touch through emails and telephone calls.

  Even though I work some ungodly long hours, I do find plenty of time to enjoy life.  One of my favorite things is to play golf.  I'm extremely good at it, which tends to help the enjoyment factor.  I had grown up wanting to become a professional or have a career as a club professional but that has not yet been a realistic factor so far.  Mainly because I'm not good enough to play on the PGA tour, and a club professional doesn't make a very good salary.  I also enjoy the theatre, art, and trying different foods.  Last year, I'd been to see "Lord of the Dance," "The Nutcracker," and "Stomp."  Living in the D.C. area, I've definitely got a wide range of cultural activity and the diversity of everything here ensures that you'll never be bored. 

    As far as friends go, most of my friends tend to be a bit older and the majority of them are married.  I don't spend much time at nightclubs or bars but I do go to my friends' parties and barbecue's quite often.  One of the downfalls about living in this area is the fact that it takes you at least 20 minutes to get anywhere.  I live in a city called Kingstown, Virginia.  I own 2 condos in this area.  I live in one and rent out the other.  It is a quiet and very low crime neighborhood with a lot of single families.  We are growing a great deal.  Just down the street, a shopping center, a 36-hole golf course, and 2 new schools are being put in.  Our property value has sky-rocketed in the past year and a half.

   So, how about some questions for you?  What type of music do you enjoy the most?  Do you read any particular kind of book?  I mostly read about true crime.  I like movies that involve family.  But I also like comedy, drama, and romances too.  I'm definitely a romantic person.  I enjoy going out to nice dinners at quiet restaurants.  I also enjoy talking, writing, and spending time cuddling next to the fireplace.  Living in D.C. offers tons of romantic possibilities.  I've always wanted to have a night picnic close to the reflecting pool.

  In my future, I hope to meet someone that I can share all of my life experiences with.  Someone I can get to know like no other.  I hope to find love that will last a lifetime.  I know that in American culture today, that idealism is not a realistic way to think, but who wouldn't opt for paradise before the fall?  I'd like to one day have children of my own.  It seems (at least to me) that so far I've done some pretty amazing things with my life but the one thing that has managed to elude me has been finding someone I can connect with.  I've had plenty of girlfriends in the past (a few are long stories saved for another time), but for the most part, I just haven't been able to find someone that I can get to know on a higher level.  My main focus in life for the past several years has been my financial future, my education, and my career.  I have now gotten all of these things in order and am prepared to start anew.

  So, now that I've rambled on and on about myself, it's your turn.  I'd like to opportunity to get to know more about you.  More about where you're from, family, friends, career, the lifestyle that you lead, future plans, dreams, goals, achievements, etc.  I hope that I have aroused your interests with this letter.  If in fact I have not, then I wish you the best of luck in your future.  I do hope to hear back from you.  I will send you a photo with my next letter.  I have filled out a dating profile of my own on the "dating online" website, and I hope that you'll have the opportunity to look at that. 

  Well, I do hope that you'll write me
romantic letter back.
Until that time, take care and best wishes!

Awaiting your response,
Alexandria, VA 22310 United States