A Day at the Beach

Apologies to my IRC friends of last night… I’m going to steal our setting for my story…


The night was perfect, the sky clear and full of stars. The sun was sinking slowly into the sky, turning the water a myriad of shades. The tide was beginning to come in slowly, waves just beginning to pound on the shore. The waters of Padre Island were warm at this time of year, and we had spent the day enjoying the solitude that the 4-wheel trails along the beach provide.

A  Day  at  the Beach

Lucky enough to be granted permission to camp, we were sitting on the blanket watching the sun set over the island.


“Oh, I think I’ve had a little too much sun,” I say, turning towards you with some lotion. “Perhaps you could put some on?”


You smile at me and take the lotion, dribbling a little of it onto my shoulders. Having been in the sun all day, the lotion feels hot as it slides between my shoulder blades. Your strong hands begin to caress me, smoothing the lotion over my back. Fingers slide under the straps of my swimsuit, lifting them off and pulling them down over my arms.


I look back at you and see you smiling. You continue stroking my back, bringing your lips down onto my hot tanned shoulder, pressing gently against me. I moan a little from the contact, my arousal beginning. As you pull the straps farther down my arms I can see the whiteness of my breasts beginning to emerge.


Your fingers begin to explore more, slipping around me, stroking my nipples. They harden from the sudden exposure to the air, your fingers pulling them gently as they stiffen more. You unhook the top of my suit and pull it free. I look around to see the deserted beach, not a soul in sight.


I lean backward, feeling your hard cock pressing against me through your suit. I turn to face you, my fingers pulling at the top of your trunks, looking for what I want. You push my hands away, telling me to be patient, because you’re not finished yet.


You lay me down on the blanket, drizzling more lotion onto my stomach, spreading it around in slow, ever widening circles. Your fingers slip under the bottom of my suit, seeking out my wet pussy below. Your fingers brush the lips, noticing my wetness has already begun. Both of your hands tug at my suit. I lift myself up slightly to help with my undressing.


Now I’m naked and spread to you and the setting sun. Your hands spread me wide as your face lowers to my cunt, tongue pressing insistently into me. I arch against you as my orgasm takes me, screaming out loud into the rising wind. You continue to press into me, fingers stroking my clit, keeping me aroused, almost bringing another climax.


You stand up, the dimming light casting wonderful hues over your strong body. You remove your trunks, moving over me, your hard cock coming closer to my waiting mouth. I slide the tip of your cock into my mouth, tongue surrounding the head, tasting you. I pull you deep into my mouth, hands sliding behind you, pulling you deeper into me.


You groan loudly, then pull away. “No,” you gasp, “I want to fuck you.”

You kneel between my legs and pull me forward, your cock pushing slowly into me. I can feel your throbbing tool fill me as you press forward. We pause for a moment, enjoying the feel of each other. You begin to move slowly within me, pumping hard, pulling me harder against you.


You pull almost out of me before plunging back in. My fingers stroke my clit, flooding your cock with another orgasm. My juices drip down between my ass cheeks, finally landing on the towel as you continue your wonderful pace.


I can feel your desperation building, and your pace becomes frantic. My hands slide around your ass, my finger probing your anus. This is too much for you as you explode within me, filling me with your hot seed. You pull out, watching your cum drip from me, taking some of it and drawing patterns on my naked flesh.


We lie side by side on the blanket, watching the last few rays of the sun disappear across the island. I gather enough energy to run to the ocean, letting the incoming surf wash me clean. You join me in the water for a few minutes where we both play like children in the approaching darkness.

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