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Lady How right it’s to meet in the internet  without making mistakes. First of all, you have to know your goal you’d like to achieve finding that person you have been looking for the whole life. This article is for the search of person for serious relations. Below there are types of people who shouldn’t read it.

1. When someone close leaves you, there can be the following cases. A person tries to suppress himself and begins to look through dating sites catching any sign especially from people whose text looks like this. Usually he sets up a meeting, but old pain goes away, new acquaintance becomes a habit and this union is broken. Even in life you don’t act like this. It’s better to wait for 3-6 weeks. The other case, when person  who was left writes plaintive letters asking for help, trying to make others  to pity. Sometimes it’s successful but again everything repeats as in the first case. So it’s better to wait a little.

2. Computer Casanovas – to my mind, one of the most  perverted and goners of the virtual world. At the monitor they are clever, strong, handsome, and in life silly, they can only speak about the objects interested in them.

3. Those who like to make fun at other people.. Boys pretending to be girls, etc.

4. The person who does all the work in the internet for another person, and this other one comes to the date. But you can see the difference if you have enough brain.

5. Lonely people searching for comfort. If you don’t consider yourself to the list above, you can continue reading. What to begin with? At nay search system for words, etc. you will be given hundreds of references to the services. You should sort them, strike off the list with free domains of the third level. You can lose much time at them and won’t get anything. Choose several services with  scrolling of messages, i.e. nick( name), city, the text of announcement. The data should be sorted by the date of message.  One of such services – (…) – there’s a link to dating site. Choose a person who lives near you without a picture, in whose message you can feel a drop of life ( not computer) mental development. Don’t answer when they write phone numbers as usual it’s not theirs but of other people. If you feel in the text that object is from the list above, then move to another person. Choose the messages latest by the date. Now you can start writing a letter.What should be written Forget about tears and requests. You are looking not for a duster to cry into but a man. So write that he should answer. Don’t send   a picture. Try to dig into his brain. You don’t know him but it’s your trump. Most mistakes can be forgiven. Don’t have too long correspondence. From the third letter set up a date. You’ll meet, talk, be together or part, it doesn’t matter, as you will save your time. Try to give a letter. If a person calls, talk to him, touch is soul. It’s easier to do it by phone. There’s much advice on this topic:- nonsense. It’s necessary to write. But you should make your interlocutor interested in you. If you find several good announcements, you can send the same text to all of them, but don’t be carried away or you will become entangled.

The best way to know your  interlocutor

Woman Open three free emails. And write letters from them. The first one should be from a person with bad qualities of character. The second one – from yourself. The third as from a person with best qualities. The main is to write the way so our interlocutor should answer you for sure. Then you need minimal knowledge on psychology and intuition to  yze answers to the letters and you will know a  person for about 40%. If three answers are the same or you are not answered to three emails, then refuse this object. You can try to write this way a couple of times but don’t be dwelled on virtual communication. In other cases if you make good conclusions for yourself you can give your phone number or set up a date. Conclusion The best way to me is three letters from different emails, phone number, setting up a date. If there’s no doubt in this way, you can go for a meeting bravely…Important advice: You are used to be always  the first and active – then it’s for you! Don’t wait till men stop their choice on you! Do he first step! Write to the man you like! It will give your more chance as at our site there are  three times more en than girls and active bridegrooms ( who log at the site every day)  also three times more then active brides.. You have possibility to send a card, interactive beautiful card, ice-break phrase or message – everything to begin the correspondence with a man you like. You don’t want to choose but you wish to be chosen? No problem! You should visit the site often or put a nice picture for the contest  and be sure you will be popular among men!

A good beginning can be…

Girl So you have already applied to the international marriage agency, maybe even not to one, or given your data at one of many dating sites for future brides, who want to find  partner in this country or abroad. What should be paid much attention to at first? It’s your pictures. If men  don’t have interesting impressions from your pictures, they won’t read your data. It happens that some girls put their amateur pictures taken at the nature or seaside.. of course you look nice in them.. but you don’t take into consideration that one can’t see face features, faces and men try to find your figure at the seaside , waterfall or tree background..  It’s remarkable that when girls make a choice of partner for themselves they pay much attention to those men whose pictures show good face not a background , they are not interested in silhouettes.  So, girls, don’t make such mistakes, be sensible. Make an effort and write something interesting or unusual about yourself. Just imagine, you are looking for something among thousand of profiles where everything is standard written: “ reliable, kind, merry” or “ honest, faithful, hard-working” – will you have much trust to these  words, will you read the same words for along time? Now if you take any profile of free man, you will see that they don’t write b  things, they write stories about themselves, life, hobbies. Girls who read these stories make conclusions in their mind if this person is interesting for her or not.. so dear ladies, please write truth about yourselves, something interesting and different from others! Summon up your strength and take a psychological test to the end! It really matters. The test program was written by professional psychologists and checked statistically on many thousand couples for sites to meet single men. Our test allows not only to check your compatibility with the object of your wishes but will give you some important advice which should be  yzed attentively and then you will be able to understand the peculiarities of your future relations. After passing a test you will understand easily what man you should pay attention to at the site or how you’d better ignore – so you will make your choice easily and won’t be disappointed again.