Book reviews: ‘Smouldering Embers’ by Cynthia Perkins

Looking for a way to make things more fun with your partner? Smouldering Embers is here to help. The name may seem a bit cheesy but the book is well worth a read. It contains sex tips and erotic stories (divided into male and female, though both genders could well enjoy both) to share with your partner.
Book reviews: 'Smouldering Embers' by Cynthia Perkins

The book opens with nearly forty well-written erotic stories, covering areas as diverse as masturbation, sex in the bath, roleplay, sex outdoors, mild sub/dom, exhibitionism and group sex. They offer pretty much every kind of inspiration a couple could need to share their own fantasies with each other, particularly if this is a new area that they are exploring.

The sex tips are broken down into sections including emotional aspects, such as communication and building intimacy, along with more practical tips on oral sex, anal sex, outdoor action and using sex toys and porn videos to spice things up.

Some of the advice is a little stereotypical – ‘men like talking dirty and women like intimacy’ – and other advice made us balk slightly – ‘If you do not give your man oral, the chances are very great that he will get it elsewhere.’ – (though it may well be a sad fact of life! We’re not one hundred per cent conviced either way.)

However, overall the comprehensive tips are sure to teach even a sex afficianado something new. There’s a good balance between emotional and sexual advice and some fun ideas for festive occasions.

If you’re looking for something to help improve your sex life with your partner, Smouldering Embers is well worth a read.

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