Hitachi Wand, Wahl 8 in Once and Eroscillator

For Christmas we ordered ourselves to three of the top recommended plug in massagers/vibrators (The Hitachi Wand, The Wahl 8 in 1 and the Eroscillator). These, together with a mains adaptor to allow them to be used in the UK, set us back over $150 but as sex is a serious hobby it wasn’t an unreasonable spend. Anyway, for those of you that may be interested in what we have found having used the three devices (maybe you want to buy one too and want to know which to go for etc) here we go:

The Hitachi WandThe Hitachi Wand
This is recommended by Betty Dodson, the ‘mother of masturbation’. Ours arrived packaged with two optional pop on attachments (try the Hitachi Magic Wand Shop on the web). The wand is quite heavy and large but it is comfortable to hold and held naturally in a grip similar to how a male would hold his penis when masturbating its padded head falls just where you want it.

The device has two speeds (high and higher!!) and its easy to get it to make you uncomfortable rather than excited. Provided you take it slowly and don’t press on too much though it feels wonderful. It had me peaking in about three minutes which is about a quarter of the time I take to masturbate by hand.
Two problems with the wand for me were it’s inability to be slowed down for gentle caressing after orgasm (when I’m really sensitive) and the relatively large size of its head which makes thigh squeezing during play tricky/difficult.

The two attachments that we bought for it are designed to clip onto the head of the massager and provide a thin smooth finger for penetration work. To be honest these didn’t do much for me when inserted but when the fingers were pressed along my vulva, whith the head of the massager on my clitoris it did feel extremely good. Perhaps they whould be good for a woman that is more into her G Spot than me. Overall though I’d give the Wand 8 out of 10.

Editor’s note: Handle the wand with care. We’ve heard of it exploding in the UK, as it’s not designed for use over here, even when the adaptor is used. We don’t know if this is true or not but better to be safe… Mates in the US rave about it though.

The WahlThe Wahl
The Wahl eight in one comes with eight pop on attachments that are really for all-over body massage. Three are rather well designed for vulvoral/clitoral play but none are suitable for insertion (too small and easily knocked off). The Wahl is so so quiet in use compared to the faily quiet wand. No need to muffle the sound with bed clothes to avoid the family hearing!

The unit is much lighter than the wand too and its easy to get the vibrode (thats the proper name for the bit that vibrates) tight onto your clitoris even with your legs hard shut.

The vibration is very intense and localised compared to the diffuse vibration of the wand. I have to keep backing off the device and then reapplying it to prevent things getting just too intense to handle. I have got more comfortable using the machine to masturbate over the last couple of days and it does give me fast and powerful orgasms but it doesn’t quite measure up to the wand for me.

The pros and cons: The eight in one is much cheaper, lighter, quieter and intense on a spot. It is verging on the too intense though and its small head requires more ‘pin point’ aiming and manipulation than the wand, which has a large ball head. Overall I’d give the Wahl 6 out of 10.

The EroscillatorThe Eroscillator
The Eroscillator is different again. It has a fairly chunky cylindrical body that is fet current along a wite from a transformer built into the plug. The device takes one of several attachments that are clearly designed for business with Miss Clitoris! The Eroscillator is the most comfortable to use and is recommended by Dr Ruth (The small, crazy, German sexologist off the TV).

It, like the Wahl is very quiet to use and its easy to target. The thing feels nice and solid in your hand and changing attachements mid session is quick and easy (but they do get lost in the bed easily). The three settings on the unit allow for a wide range of sensations, when combined with the different heads. Its good too that the speed setting can be easily changed without pausing simply by sliding a switch with your thumb. I like to warm up on one, move to two and flick to three for the climax. Quickly dropping back to one after I climax means I can keep the device on my then super sensitive clitoris without it hurting. As soon as it eases I can flick back to two and then three to go again and again. This alone makes the Eroscillator my favourite.

It may have its down sides (like its the only one that has to be hidden from the family as its purely a sex toy and its by far the most expensive) but the fact I can play until I’ve had enough without getting sore is something else. A definite 11 out of 10 for this unit. (Oh I didn’t say anything about the booklet from Dr Ruth that is hyped on the Eroscillator web site. Well, all I’d say is that its not needed!

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