My Summer of Lust

Last summer I lost it big time on the Cote D’azur. I’d gone with my fiance Edward predominantly to study art and visit the places where the Impressionanists painted but also as a conventional holiday.
My Summer of Lust
The day after we arrived we went to the house where Van Gogh painted. After looking around the house we were walking in the wonderful and fragrant lavender fields nearby. I was feeling wonderfully romantic and even a little horny. I told Edward to close his eyes as I had a surprise for him. Edward didn’t seem to like the idea much but he did close his eyes while I slipped off my skimpy little vest and my shorts and panties. There was no one else around so it seemed a wonderful idea.

I laid on the wonderfully coloured purple lavender with my long brown hair spread around the top of my head. My legs were slightly spread and I had worked myself into a minor frenzy of horniness. I really wanted a good hard fuck there and then.

“You can open them now Edward”. I said.

Edward to my complete surprise and dissappointment was apalled.He launched into a scathing attack on my behaviour before storming off. I became immensely frustrated and started to cry, punching the ground repeatdly. After a while I calmed down.

I lay there in the sun and eventually my hands drifted between my legs. I was still wet and my clit responded well to some gentle massaging. I almost wished that a young farm hand would wander by so I could give him the best day of his life. That didn’t happen but I must admit to having a bloody good time there in the field on my own. The next couple of days with Edward were not good. I decided that we were not compatible and decided to continue the holiday by myself. Edward flew home while I drove down the coast in the hire car. I pitched up in a camp site as I didn’t want the confines of a hotel. It was the sort of place for student backpackers from around Europe.

I have to admit that I still needed that fuck that I didn’t get from Edward so I purposefully spent the first couple of evenings in the campsite bar. After drinking a bottle of white wine to myself I felt even more that I wanted a night of raw lovemaking. I spotted two guys sitting at an outside table and went over. At this stage subtlety went out the window.

“Hi I’m Miranda. Do you mind if I join you”? I said.

” No sit down” said one in an English accent. Their names were Jes and Alex; nice middle class English boys from Oxford. They were cool and laid back although that was probably due to the spliff they had under the table. It made a refreshing change from the stuck up Edward. I hadn’t done spliff for a couple of years and a couple of drags on it only exacerbated my mood of abandonement. I can hardly believe this now but I actually said

” Why don’t you both come back to my caravan. I really want to fuck the two of you”

Jes responded by shoving his tongue down my throat. I shoved my hand down his shorts. His soft penis soon sprang into life. He later told me that he hadn’t had any for six months. I could believe it judging by how hard his cock became. The three of us left for the short walk to my caravan but didn’t make it there. I just had to rip off Jes’ shorts and get that hard cock into my mouth.

I sucked for a minute or so and could feel Jes just beginning to release a bucketful of hot spunk into my mouth. I stopped and grabbed at Alex’s crotch as he was standing next to us. His cock was rock hard as well. Alex quickly dropped his shorts. He had a big beautifully proportioned cock nestling in a bush of jet black pubes. I started wanking him frantically and soon he shot his load into my face. I used the spunk to brush through my hair so I could get a clear view of Jes’cock. I deep throated him and he soon spunked his hot salty juice into my mouth. I swallowed as I wanted the whole experience.

We eventually made it to the caravan. We all got naked and I fucked Jes on top while sucking Alex’s balls, licking all the way up his shaft and then sucking out whatever cum he had left in him. While Jes’cock was deep inside I guided his hand through my bush and onto my hard horny clit. Jes climaxed me into a stunning long lasting orgasm with me feeling utterly liberated as my cunt juices flowed. I swear I must have woken up half the campsite with my shrieks of joy.

I had a few more fucks that summer but that is my most treasured memory of those heady few weeks in the South of France.

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