Reviews: Sliix lube

Want to improve your sex life? Then add some lube. Sliix is a fab new water-based formula that’s designed to make everything that little bit easier. Whether you’ve got a man who’s hung like a donkey or just find that a bit of extra lube makes sex more fun, non-toxic Sliix mirrors your own natural body fluids to near perfection.
Want to improve your sex life? Sliix lube
Unlike a lot of lubes, it stays wet for ages without becoming sticky or gritty. It’s been laboratory tested to assure that it is non irritative, and doesn’t contain substances such as Non-Oxyl 9 or formaldehyde which are found in many lubricants and can be toxic if taken internally. It’s safe to use with condoms and sex toys, and, because it boosts sensitivity, it makes safer sex feel more like going bareback.

It comes in funky individual sachets, and has several gorgeous tasting flavours – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and birthday cake – something that shocked KhBr, because so many lubes tast hideous.

Individual Sachets mean that it’s easy to carry around, so it’s ideal to slip nto your bag if you’re planning a night of passion (and with Christmas party season upon us, it’s best to be prepared).

It can also be used to treat vaginal dryness, whether from menopause, new motherhood, use of oral contraceptives, strenuous exercise, or anything else.

So, whether you want to take the effort out of giving a hand job by using lube to help your hand move more easily, or just want something to make you that little bit wetter, Sliix is well worth a try.

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