Scandalous new book

Scandalous, by Angela Campion, is the latest novel from Brown Skin Books, the UK’s only publisher of erotic fiction written by black women for all women. Set in 1930s Paris and based on the life and adventures of the legendary entertainer, Josephine Baker, Scandalous is the first-ever erotic novel to be written about a celebrated black historical figure.
Scandalous new book
Josephine Baker had a prodigious talent matched only by her sexual appetite. Famed for her liaisons with some of the world’s most glamorous men, in Scandalous she encounters her equal in Canadian journalist, Drummer Thompson, a handsome rogue who understands her emotional vulnerability and fulfils the sensual needs she never even knew she had!

The backdrop to this erotic thriller is a city of seedy cafés, fashionable nightclubs and glamorous soirées, and indeed Angela Campion’s 1930s Paris hides numerous sexual secrets, shameful intrigues and murderous plots. It’s not long before Josephine discovers that Drummer, too, is not all he seems.

Suspicion is raised when Drummer delves into Josephine’s past and attempts to dredge up a lust-filled episode that she would rather keep buried – one that spells danger for her closest friends and is connected to a Nazi plot to conquer France. Despite a sense of abandonment when he disappears from the scene, Josephine must find Drummer, join forces with him and foil an assassination attempt that could trigger disaster.

Vastiana Belfon, publisher of Brown Skin Books, comments: “Basing an erotic novel on a real-life figure was always going to be contentious. However, I was swayed by Angela Campion’s solid research and her obvious respect for Josephine Baker. Scandalous explores the sexual desires and political conscience of an historical icon, set against the backdrop of an unstable and threatening climate. With highly provocative sex scenes, the novel’s mix of historic and political references, plus its essential thriller sub-genre, ensures that the reader is provided with an intelligent, informed read!”

Scandalous is classified as Fiction/Erotica/Black Writing.

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