You and your toy

Hi sweetie. Looks like I’m going to be stuck at this do until late. Sorry – my boss is been his usual self. Thanks for your text. Glad you’re enjoying your present but wish I was there to share it with you. I’ll get you some more batteries for it on the way home. Wouldn’t want your toy running out at a crucial moment.

I love it when you play with yourself in front of me. Watching you rub your vibrator over your clit until you’re nice and wet gets me so hard.

You and your toyI know you only put it inside yourself when I’m around. Seeing your toy slide into your cunt makes me think of what it’s going to feel like when I’m inside you. I really should get a digital camera. I’d love to have some pictures of you being so dirty. It would give me something to look at when you’re not around. Do you like the idea of me wanking over your pictures? I know you do. I can imagine how wet you’re getting listening to this. I’ve felt how wet you get when I whisper filthy thoughts to you. You like being told you’re dirty, don’t you?

If I was there with you and your toy right now, I don’t think I’d be able to hold back. I’m already stiff at the thought of what you’re doing.

Would you like me there? Go and lie on the bed now, take out your toy and I’ll tell you what I’d do…

You’re there, naked and horny. One hand’s stroking your breasts and your other hand is rubbing the vibrator over your clit. You’re already starting to get wet.

I take my cock out and start stroking it. You try to touch it but I push you away and tell you to concentrate on yourself.

I watch you fucking yourself with your toy while you look at my hand sliding up and down my cock, getting it ready for you. Did you know you always let out a little groan when you see my cock start to shine and know I’m getting close to the edge? It’s so cute and makes me want you even more.

I move to the end of the bed and stare directly up your cunt, close enough to see exactly how wet you are, still stroking myself but careful not to take myself all the way. I want to come in your soft mouth – although I have to admit, the idea of splashing my come over your tits is tempting.

As I see you getting close to orgasm, I move up and kiss you, hard and deep, letting you know how much I want you. I’ve never had someone as beautiful as you. I still get horny at the idea that someone as lovely as you is interested in me. I know you love it when I kiss you hard. Your hand is still moving the toy between your lips and I feel you start to shake. Moving away so I can watch you properly, I trail a hand down your body and pinch your nipples. That sends you over the edge and I look straight at your face, loving the way you look when you come.

It’s too much for me. I have to feel your mouth around me. As you lie there recovering from your orgasm, I move up to sit astride your chest. You reach up to take my cock in your mouth. I can’t believe how much you love sucking me. I’m a lucky man. Watching you make yourself come has already got me so turned on that I can’t hold back.

As I feel you sucking my cock deep into your mouth, your tongue darting over me, your hands stroking my balls, it’s too much for me.

I come in your mouth and you eagerly take it all.

I stay there for a second, recovering, then move down to hold you. As I stroke your hair and kiss your neck, I whisper how much I love you.

I’ll see you later, sexy.

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  1. Sex toy reviews: The total eclipse-

    The Total Eclipse from Ftheshop is a deluxe version of the ever-popular ‘Rabbit’ design, with a clitoral stimulator, rotating beads in the shaft and a rotating head.

    This toy certainly looks the part, in clear purple jelly with silver beads inside. The shaft is bigger than that in the traditional rabbit, making it ideal for women who like a bit more meat. It also has a longer beaded area than usual.

    However, unlike the usual rabbit, the beads don’t swirl around as much, instead moving in a regular rotation. They didn’t hit the spot quite as much as the usual rotating beads do, but it depends on what you’re into. If you like a consistent movement rather than a random ‘surprise’ element, then this is the toy for you.

    The controls are easy to use; there’s an on/off switch, variable speed control and rotation controller. If you like a bunny style toy – and what woman in her right mind doesn’t – and would like a bit of extra length, then this is the toy for you.

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